Jenny Mathews
5" X 7"
Floral designs will vary
Price is for one card
'Can you teach quilling to the children?' This request from the Head Teacher of an elementary school in the West Sussex countryside in England set Jenny to work learning yet another skill, first mastering the techniques herself, then passing the basics on to the children. On immigrating to Canada in 1996, Jenny took her first steps into professional quilling.
Quilling, or paper filigree, is thought to date back to least the 15th Century when Italian and French nuns may have been amoung the first to make delicate designs of rolled paper strips. During the 18th Century in England quilling became a popular art form for fashionable young ladies. It was taught along with needlework and other handwork and encouraged as a proper pastime for their leisure hours.
As a keen gardener, her work is based predominately, but not exclusively, on floral themes. The range of work includes cards, framed pictures, free-standing figures and miniature plants. Jenny is a member of both the British and the North American quilling guilds and active in a local group which promotes quilling and the enhancement of quilling as an art form.
Jenny's work can be seen at her studio in Langford and at local craft galleries and craft fairs.

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