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Alanna Sparanese
Box Framed Encaustic Art
Sizes & Prices Vary
Each piece is individually unique
Primarily a self taught artist inspired by the inherent beauty of the natural world Alanna is drawn to the extraordinary in the ordinary, capturing the feeling and emotion on canvas, reflected in her luminous layers and enticing textures. Working with the acrylic and encaustic mediums, incorporating mixed media in both, she finds the possibilities endless as to what can manifest on canvas. Finding both mediums exciting and versatile to work with, she uses various elements of interest; collage, transfer, photographs and written material. The texture offered by both acrylic pastes and beeswax are created by adding layer upon layer, sculpting with a palette knife, or simply scraping away until the desired foundation is built. From here...numerous glazes are applied or molten layers of pigmented wax are fused onto a substrate, rendering a luscious depth and transparent luminosity….speaking to both the visceral and tactile senses.
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